RUFORUM – is happy to launch this new publication series, Bringing Science to Communities: Voices from the Field. This popular science communication product is intended to showcase the on-the-ground impact of research and scientific work of RUFORUM – sponsored graduates and their mentors and others they interact with. African universities are increasingly embracing experiential learning as a key strategy for addressing gaps in higher education and training. Experiential learning addresses the challenge… Read More

General Objective: Communities that experience recurrent shocks and stresses arising from chronic conflict are largely dependent on humanitarian aid and subsistence farming and face the challenge of non-diversification. The general objective of RIC4CONF is to strengthen resilience of target communities by building their agency to promote learning, skills development and entrepreneurship by improving and promoting psychosocial wellbeing; by modernizing agriculture; fostering financial inclusion and diversification to profitable enterprises; and by creating an… Read More

SLU Global Seminar: Can universities effectively support sustainable and inclusive development in Africa´s rural communities? Download flyer The case of RUFORUM. The seminar will be sent by video link in Alnarp. Please contact for more information about the venue. Speaker: Dr. Moses Osiru – Deputy Executive Secretary at the RUFORUM Secretariat Time: 2015-11-17 11:00 – 12:00 City:Uppsala Location:Updated venue; Room Ultuna in Ulls hus, SLU Ultuna Arranger:SLU Global Last signup date:… Read More