Kampala 06 October, 2018 The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is pleased to announce the 23 winners of the 2018 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition.  The competition attracted a total of 1,332 applicants from 42 African and 4 non-African countries. The following process was undertaken to identify the top 23 winners for the 2018 cohort: All 1,332 applications were screened for compliance to the set guidelines. All 1,332… Read More

By Jackline Nnam If the world were to be re-sized according to science output, Africa, the world’s second largest continent in area and population, would disappear. This is worrying for Africa’s development, considering that science and technology is essential for economic and social transformation of any society. Science provides the basic ingredient, the “DNA helix”, for many disciplines including agriculture. With agriculture as the key driver of most economies, Africa is focusing… Read More

“Our single minded stories about gender make us forget the tremendous stories carried by men!” These were the words of Dr Wanjiru from AWARD fellowship as she gave a key not address at a dinner organised by RUFORUM for key stakeholders and partners. AWARD is a career development program that strengthens research and leadership skills in women scientists. It is the African Women in Agricultural Research and development. “What kind of world… Read More