Capacity building is at the heart of what RUFORUM does. For the last two days, RUFORUM with the help of 2 consultants: Maureen Agena, Ruth Aine Tindyebwa and Apio Joan [RUFORUM Communications Officer] has been training youth in agriculture in different social media aspects. They constitute the social media team that will take part in the 10 years celebrations of RUFORUM and the Biennial conference that starts in Maputo, Mozambique… Read More

By Armwell Shumba and Catherine Mloza “Youths prefer not to have a toothbrush for a day to a second without internet. ICTs have taken the world by storm especially young people under the age of 30, who constitute 50% of the world’s population.” Ruth Aine, Social Media Training Facilitator. The whole world has become a global village interconnected through ICTs via social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, to mention… Read More

    By Adebola Adedugbe, Farm Ideas Nigeria In Nigeria, agriculture is done more on subsistence level with low input and poor output. Agriculture is largely traditional and practiced by smallholders and pastoralists. This type of agriculture is predominantly rain-fed, has low yielding production and lacks access to critical information, market facilitation and financial intermediation. The role that ICT can play in addressing these challenges is increasing; as personal ICT devices such as mobile… Read More