By Zenon Niyomwungere

Initié en 1992, avec 10 universités de l’Est et du Sud de l’Afrique la Fondation Rockefeller a octroyé des bourses de Master aux étudiants membres dans les filières agricoles pour faire face au défi de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle. . Ce projet a évolué et est devenu par la suite, (en 2004), un réseau universitaire nommé le Forum des universités régionales pour le renforcement des capacités dans l’agriculture (RUFORUM) ayant des objectifs de renforcer les capacités des étudiants de niveau master et doctorat à travers la promotion du genre féminin, l’attribution de bourses universitaires (innovation dans la recherche agricole). Read More


By Victoria Mbigidde, Jackie Nnam, Pauline Atim

All roads are leading to Mozambique, as over 600 academicians and practitioners from more than 30 countries around the world are gathering for the 4th RUFORUM biennial conference. It was previously  Uganda in 2012. The theme this year held is “Celebrating the Contribution of Tertiary Agricultural Educational Institutions and Partners to Africa’s Development”.

RUFORUM is a consortium of 42 member universities in East, Central and Southern Africa, with the core mandate to build a pool of high level scientists who are able to respond to the demands of small holder farmers. With specific focus on capacity building in tertiary education, RUFORUM has devoted its self to rising a new generation of dynamic and vibrant graduates able to address emerging challenges in relation to food security on the African continent. Through the Community Action Research Projects, RUFORUM links Universities to African farmers by carrying out action research in identifying and addressing food security related issues. Read More



Capacity building is at the heart of what RUFORUM does. For the last two days, RUFORUM with the help of 2 consultants: Maureen Agena, Ruth Aine Tindyebwa and Apio Joan [RUFORUM Communications Officer] has been training youth in agriculture in different social media aspects. They constitute the social media team that will take part in the 10 years celebrations of RUFORUM and the Biennial conference that starts in Maputo, Mozambique today.
J.NnamJacqueline Nnam, is from Uganda. She is an information, communication and knowledge management practitioner. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Agricultural Information and Communication Management at the University of Nairobi. She is passionate about the application of information to achieve development objectives in Africa, especially in the fields of agriculture and sustainable development. “I am a strong believer in home-grown solutions for development and the integration of indigenous knowledge and practices with modern science”, she says.

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