CTA203This publication has come out of the 3rd Africa-wide Women and Young Professionals in Science Competitions, and it profiles the achievements of the semi-finalists and all who participated. The two competitions were both timely and strategic as science, technology and innovation is increasingly regarded as an important ingredient for agricultural transformation and sustained socioeconomic development in Africa. Policymakers at national, continental and international levels are more committed than ever to advancing agriculture.
CTA, FARA and partners believe that knowledge especially that which is generated through research should be communicated to a wide range of stakeholders to catalyse agricultural innovation. Through the competitions, the consortium partners supported African women and young professionals to showcase their work in agricultural research to stakeholders and the public on the continent and the larger international community. Through their outstanding research and the ‘winning’ papers they wrote, enterprising and promising women and young professionals contributed to the success of the 2012/13 competitions. This publication provides insights into their research which is aimed at resolving Africa’s challenges in food and nutrition security and highlights the priority  areas for further investigation.
Most of the winners work in their national systems and their research is already making a difference on  the ground. The diversity of topics and approaches demonstrates the great potential of African women and young professionals in using science and innovation to address Africa’s challenges.  Furthermore, the strategies, methods and tools that they are using to disseminate – scientific findings, technologies, or approaches – show their creativity in reaching the intended audiences and beneficiaries.

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Photo of Dr. Eicher - Michigan State University, http://www.afre.msu.edu/people/eicher_c

Photo of Dr. Eicher – Michigan State University

Family, friends and colleagues of the late Carl K. Eicher have established a fund under the IAAE to support an award for the best doctoral dissertation on Africa to honour the outstanding contributions of the late Professor Eicher to African agricultural research and education. The first award will be made at the International Conference of Agricultural Economists in Milan in August, 2015, consisting of cash prize of $1,000 and partial travel support to attend the conference. The IAAE is now calling for nominations for the award.

  • Any Dept. of Agricultural Economics or other Dept. of Economics or allied discipline with a specialization in Agricultural Economics can present through
    its Head of Department a maximum of one nomination.
  • All doctoral dissertations relating to agricultural economics (according to the JEL classification) applied to an African problem (defined according the FAO
    classification of African countries) are eligible.
  • Doctoral dissertations must have been completed during the years, 2012, 2013 or 2014.
  • Each nomination must include a cover memo of two pages maximum on why the dissertation has been selected for nomination, as well as an electronic copy
    of the dissertation.
  • Nominators are also expected to provide the IAAE with the name of a recognized Agricultural Economist who has agreed to serve as a member of the Review Committee to select the winning entry.
  • Nominations should be sent to iaae@gwdg.de by 24:00 hrs. GMT March 15th, March. 2015

Photo of Dr. Eicher – Michigan State University, http://www.afre.msu.edu/people/eicher_c

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