The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) has continued to strengthen its role as a knowledge and capacity building agency for 46 universities in 22 African countries. In furthering this mandate, RUFORUM runs a Competitive Grants Scheme (CGS) with Graduate Research Grants (GRG) being one of the key granting mechanism for supporting university-led research linked to addressing needs of smallholder farmers along agricultural value chains. The GRG currently provides two-year grants of up to US$60,000 each to an individual senior lecturer of a member university to support agricultural action research and the training of two graduate students.


Since 2009, five GRGs calls have been issued with 106 grants awarded, resulting in the training of 247 MSc students. Building on the achievements and lessons learnt from the 5 GRG Call, on 17 July 2014, RUFORUM announced the 6thGRG competitive call for proposals that closed on the 12th of February, 2015. Project proposals were expected to be in line with the broad thematic area “Innovation for sustainable crop systems and/or livestock systems within value chains that improve smallholder incomes”.


RUFORUM Secretariat is pleased to announce the list of short listed proposals selected by RUFORUM Technical Committee in response to the 6th Call. A total of 108 proposals were received from 20 of the 46 member universities. The short listed proposals are undergoing further due diligence check upon which grant award letters will be issued. Click here to download the RUFORUM press release_6th GRG Call.

VideoLibrary_545a43e24e3d9Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) has developed more than 30 different 2D and 3D animations with voice-overs in over 50 different languages. SAWBO works in three main areas: Agriculture, Health and Women’s Empowerment.

SAWBO has now a mobile app that is available for any compatible Android device. Download the app in the Google Play market to access the entire library of animations. You can then download as many videos as you want, and you can share them with anyone through bluetooth! Use the buttons below to download the SAWBO Deployer App or watch its video Tutorial.

Visit SAWBO’s Video Library where you can watch or download all their videos in any available language, for free. All other languages for watching or downloading  will be available on the Video Library. Some languages can already be accessed on

Here under are the videos developed around agriculture:

  1. Biocontrol of Legume Pod Borer (Maruca vitrata)
  2. Cooking With Soy!
  3. Natural Insecticide from Neem Seeds
  4. Natural Insecticide from Neem Seeds (With female and male character)
  5. Postharvest Loss: Bag Stacking
  6. Postharvest Loss: Bag Transportation
  7. Postharvest Loss: Bulk Transportation
  8. Postharvest Loss: Storage
  9. Postharvest Loss: Salt Testing for Grain Moisture Levels
  10. Solar Treating of Cowpea Seeds
  11. Survival Gardening: How to Create Compost (2D)
  12. Survival Gardening: How to Create Compost (3D)
  13. Survival Gardening: Raised Planting Beds
  14. Survival Gardening: Drip Irrigation
  15. Row Planting of Teff
  16. Tef (Teff) Transplanting Technology
  17. Charcoal Water Filtration
  18. How to Remove The Poison from Cassava Flour
  19. Improved Method of Shea Butter Processing
  20. The Jerrycan Method for ProperBean Storage (coming soon)
  21. Quality Shea Nuts – BestPractices for Production

This information has been reposted from the PAEPARD Platform. Click here to read more on this initiative. 

Hohenheim University — Scholarships at the Food Security Center

The Food Security Center at Hohenheim University plans to announce scholarships for postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. The PhD topics will be announced on 10 June 2015. The deadline for submitting applications is 29 June 2015. Link

UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) — UK Collaboration with Brazil, China, and India in Agricultural Nitrogen

The BBSRC and partner organizations in the UK, Brazil, China, and India will collaborate to establish Virtual Joint Centres in Agricultural Nitrogen. The aim is to support research which will lead to high crop yields with lower inputs of nitrogen fertilizer. A Virtual Joint Centre should include a core research program supported by a range of partnering activities for up to three years. The types and combinations of activities which can be supported in a Virtual Joint Centre are intended to be flexible. Applications are submitted jointly by researchers in the UK with researchers in Brazil, China, and India. The deadline for applications is 22 July 2015. Link

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