Deadline: 1 October, 2015

The Jennifer Potter Emerging Leaders Fellowship is a groundbreaking effort to inspire and empower the next generation of young African business leaders. Launched in 2013, the program was undertaken in recognition of Jennifer Potter, former IGD president & CEO, to commemorate her dedication to expanding economic opportunity throughout her career, particularly among women. The Emerging Leaders Fellowship program is one of the pillars of IGD’s Leadership, Employability, and Skills (LES) program.

The Emerging Leaders Fellowship supports the rise of African business leaders as a way to ultimately reduce poverty through investment in the developing world. The program exposes Fellows to a wealth of knowledge and expertise
by providing them with exclusive access to IGD’s influential Frontier 100 Leaders Network under a one-year sponsored membership program including travel costs to the Africa-based Forum. Each Fellow will participate in small group, peer-to-peer discussions, and partake in exclusive mentorship activities. Fellows will gain valuable insights about how to operate a successful business in Africa and drive meaningful social impact in their communities. The program also provides Frontier Leaders exposure to local business leaders who can share highly-valuable ‘localized’ knowledge on best practices to penetrate targeted African markets relevant to members’ businesses.

Each year, IGD selects two promising young business leaders who demonstrate a commitment to development in Africa through strategic business growth and investment. Candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Nationality: Candidates must be African nationals with a commitment to pursuing their career on the continent.
  • Age: Candidates must be under the age of 40.
  • Work experience: Candidates must be executive leaders in their company, CEO-level preferred.
  • Commitment: Candidates are committed to fulfilling the necessary requirements to actively participate in the Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program. This includes attending IGD’s Frontier 100 Forum during the sponsorship tenure.
  • Gender: Special consideration will be given to female candidates, however male candidates will be considered too.

For more information on making your nomination and/or becoming a supporter, visit: or contact Thyra Nast at

The Social Media Reports who covered the event during the RUFORUM 11th Annual General Meeting in Namibia

The Social Media Reports who covered the event during the RUFORUM 11th Annual General Meeting in Namibia

As part of its strategy to increase visibility of RUFORUM’s operations, with support from the University of Namibia, RUFORUM trained nine reporters during the recently concluded 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held 25-29 August 2015 in Namibia.

With the network’s growth to now 55 member universities across Africa, it is increasingly important to engage Social Media Reporters (SMRs) in each member country to promote the network’s visibility and vibrancy online. This is being done through training young African Social Media Reporters in the use of social media for reporting and documenting issues emerging from Higher Education in Africa. Through this continued advocacy and working with our member universities, RUFORUM have trained 24 Social Media Reporters in Mozambique, Sudan, Namibia and 19 RUFORUM Staff to support this initiative.

During the opening ceremony of this training, the RUFORUM Executive Secretary Professor Adipala Ekwamu encouraged the young reporters to take this training as an opportunity to engage and network with others in the RUFORUM Network and globally. “It is my wish that after this training, you will be equipped with skills that will empower you to not only report for this Annual General Meeting but also that you will join the pool of Young Social Media Reporters to communicate about Higher Education Issues in Africa to the global community”.

The two day training was led by the Communication, Publicity and Marketing Officer at RUFORUM and nine Social Media Reporters were trained on the use of twitter to support live coverage of the RUFORUM Annual Meeting using the hashtag #NERCHEA. Prof Adipala remarked “It is my dream that we as a network are vibrant online and take advantage of the existing online platforms to engage with each other, complementing our networking events such as the AGMs and Biennial conferences among others.”

MoraiI am Morai Moiloa from Lesotho; l was born and raised in Mafeteng district in the country. I got acquainted to agriculture since my childhood and this is where I developed the love of it as I grew from the community that depend largely on agriculture. I have attended the National University of Lesotho from 2008 to 2012 where l was awarded the Bachelor of Sciences degree in Agriculture (Animal science option). Upon completion I got employed in non-governmental organization although out of my career of study but l obtained some management skills as I was a team leader in the line of production. This was from 2013 to 2015 when then l acquired a scholarship award from Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) to pursue in my studies. I am a first year MSc student in Animal science pursuing MSc in Animal production systems. Thesis project focuses on the prevalence and control methods of gastrointestinal parasites of small ruminants in agroecologoical zones of Lesotho. Gastrointestinal parasites is the ongoing problem in developing countries and Lesotho is not exceptional therefore I am highly hoping that upon completion of this study, l will be equipped with appropriate skills to help farmers with new production systems and disease control measures and by so doing promote organic farming. You can contact me by calling +266 580 773 91.

Mot’selisiMy name is Mot’selisi Aloycia Mahlehla. I am a Mosotho girl who was born and raised in Lesotho. I feel so fortunate to have been raised in Lesotho. I obtained my first degree in Bachelor of Sciences in Agriculture-Animal Science from 2010-2014 at National University of Lesotho. My field of study puts more emphasis on improving and equipping students with agricultural skills because of the broad opportunities of agribusinesses in Lesotho. I am a proud Mosotho who is passionate about being part of professional animal scientists in Lesotho. In 2015, I got two years scholarship from Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) to enroll in Master of Sciences in Animal production systems at National University of Lesotho. I have got a special interest working with farmers of Lesotho because they are my community and they are the ones who are building agriculture in Lesotho. My thesis project focuses on the gastrointestinal parasites of small ruminants in Lesotho as well as the control measures, and this seem to be a serious challenge in my country that takes a lion’s share in limiting the production of small ruminants. My goal is to help the farmers in my country on improving the health statuses of animals in order to increase productivity. You can contact me by calling +26659702920/+26663179114.

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