New Publication: Top 19 Young Innovators and Entrepreneurs from Uganda

5RUFORUM recognizes the need for greater youth participation in enterprise development and business incubation and through its member universities and partners has supported training and skills development in this respect. It has also supported start-ups through innovative financing mechanism of the revolving fund implemented in some member universities. RUFORUM believes in youth entrepreneurship as the game changer in ensuring greater youth participation and integration into the economic growth at national and regional levels and for youth employment. We bring you a new publication focusing on the top 19 Innovators and Entrepreneurs from Uganda. Click here to download.

New Publication: Higher Education and Capacity Building in Africa

The geography and power of knowledge under changing conditions.

This book uses ‘geography of scientific knowledge’ as an analytical framework for exploring the current and future development of knowledge production in Africa.

It analyses how scientific knowledge is negotiated and contested in parallel to societal changes in general and capacity building in particular, and thus how scientific knowledge becomes local.

The book takes a cross-disciplinary approach to understand capacity building of the university sector through the lens of climate research.

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