FAO-RUFORUM partnership offers free multilingual e-learning courses to African universities

FAOWe are delighted to inform you that RUFORUM has established a partnership agreement with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with the objetives to implement concrete collaboration initiatives to leverage comparative advantages, capitalize on existing resources and institutional expertise, and multiply the outreach and impact of both organizations’ capacity development efforts.

Within the context of the partnership, FAO offers RUFORUM members and affiliated institutions a number of multilingual elearning courses free of charge, as a global public good accessible from the RUFORUM-FAO elearning hub available on the RUFORM home page, through the section “RUFORUM-FAO elearning hub for African Universities

These elearning courses are offered through the FAO e-learning Centre: www.fao.org/elearning, which is the result of a collaborative effort involving a number of partners throughout the world. The FAO elearning courses cover a number of thematic areas such as: Sustainable Food Systems, Food and Nutrition Security, Responsible Governance to secure tenure rights and equitable access to land, fisheries and forests, Climate SMART Agriculture, food losses and waste, food safety, social protection and resilience, child labor, gender equity and women empowerment, Responsible Agriculture Investments among others.

As a RUFORUM member, you are invited to visit the RUFORUM-FAO elearning hub, assess the offer and match the various courses to your existing university learning programmes, being regularly offered through your academic institution or university. The design of new joint curricula, on priority areas of common interest,  based on RUFORUM and FAO resources can also be envisaged.

The integration of these valuable resources can be implemented according the following modalities:

1) for universities which are not delivering any programme online and therefore don’t dispose of an online learning platform (Learning Content Management System – LCMS): once the RUFORUM university member professors have selected the most relevant and appropriate FAO courses to be integrated in their learning programme, they will provide the direct link of the FAO courses to the students.

2)  for universities which are more advanced in the online delivery of their learning programmes and use an online learning platform: through this partnership, FAO grants the RUFORUM university members the right to physically integrate the FAO courses in their LCMS, by sharing the original SCORM files of the selected elearning courses. The SCORM format (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) allows interoperability between LCMS and facilitate this integration.

To receive the SCORM files of the FAO elearning courses please contact directly Cristina Petracchi, FAO eLearning Team Leader: cristina.petracchi@fao.org.


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