Gulu University Vice Chancellor pays a courtesy call to RUFORUM secretariat

The Vice chancellor of Gulu University Prof. George Openjuru Ladaah paid a courtesy call to RUFORUM secretariat on 7th May 2019. A meeting was held at the secretariat with an agenda to hold a National forum in Kampala, Uganda and engage stakeholders on how to support and promote the agenda of how communities should be involve in informing research done by universities, with emphasis of having African Universities solve the problems of Africans.

In his remarks to RUFORUM staff, Prof. Openjuru said that Gulu University is promoting the agenda of being a community university which strives to reach out to each and every member of the community. The niche of the university, which is community engagement, is worth being known about, not only in solving some of the problems in Africa but also for ably dealing with challenges in a post- conflict environment.


Gulu University Vice Chancellor Prof. George Openjuru Ladaah

“Working closely with communities is helping demystify universities commonly perceived as ivory towers and creating a good community-university partnership. However, a lot of work must be done to change the mindset of the community from being recipients of knowledge and skills from the university to engaging in dialogue which informs university research and programs”- said Prof. Openjuru 

Prof. Adipala Ekwamu who welcomed the Vice Chancellor at the secretariat congratulated Prof. George Openjuru Ladaah on the new role and pledged to support the programs at the university whenever called upon to. He said that, as RUFORUM, we work to serve and support our member universities and Gulu’s focus on community engagement is a unique agenda which is one of the important core areas of many of our member universities.


Prof. Adipala welcoming Prof. Openjuru to the RUFORUM secretariat and Family

The proposed national forum therefore is meant to showcase some of the flagship programs, community engagement programs, innovation and research that has come out of Gulu University. It will bring together stakeholders from universities,  private sector, research institutions, media, line ministries and legislators to come and share best practices on how to make community engagement more practical and learn how Gulu University has managed to sustain this mode of partnership to so far.

In his thank you message to RUFORUM, Prof. Openjuru admitted that this call to enable Gulu University have an engagement with the public could not have been timelier. “I would like to thank RUFORUM through you Prof. Adipala for offering to support us in organising this event that will not only increase Gulu University’s visibility but create partnerships for future collaboration”.

The national forum will have mini-exhibitions, documentaries and feedback sessions that demonstrate how the university has engaged with communities and what the outcome has been so far.


About Gulu University

Established in 2002, Gulu University, a public university in Uganda became a RUFORUM member university in 2009. Gulu University, through RUFORUM and in partnership with mastercard foundation is one of the universities implementing an eight year program aimed at transforming African agricultural universities and their graduates to better respond to developmental challenges through enhanced application of science, technology, business and innovation for rural agricultural transformation.


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