TAGDev Egerton University Students visit Amiran Kenya Limited


Amiran Kenya staff explaining to the students how they can operate a modern kitchen garden

By Joseph Jabu- TAGDev Administrative Assistant, Egerton University

The day was 27th November last year, the TAGDev Egerton Students visited Amiran- Kenya Limited for a field trip. In a bid to extend the benefits of the TAGDev program to other students at the University, the program invited an additional 13 continuing students to join in. The trip provided an opportunity for the students to be exposed to the activities of Amiran Kenya limited and the agricultural industry in general. It was also an opportunity to network, engage and learn from the best in the industry.
Accompanied by Dr. Joseph Wolukau- Director, International Linkages and Programmmes, Egerton University and Mr. Joseph Jabu- TAGDev Administrative Assistant, the students were received at Amiran Kenya which runs one of the largest agricultural input supply business in Africa and one of the major subsidiaries of Balton CP Group, a British company which has a strong commercial presence across Sub- Saharan Africa.

Urban farming

Amiran Kenya staff explaining to the students how they can operate a modern kitchen garden

Since its inception in 1963, Amiran Kenya Limited has been a driving force behind the horticulture and floriculture industries in Kenya and throughout East Africa. The company supplies fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, green house materials, irrigation materials among other supplies. The students learnt how to operate a small green house at a cheaper cost through a mathematical illustration of how to make good profits from operating a small greenhouse.



A demonstration on how seedlings are managed.

They were also taken through ways of preparing a nursery and seed beds for the purpose of growing healthy crops.  At the seed department, the students learnt how quality seeds are packed, stored and delivered to the customers. They were also exposed to greenhouse farming and functioning of a drip irrigation system. other departments that they visited included the fertilizer, seeds, agro project and greenhouses departments.

As they toured the different departments such as the public relations unit, they were made to appreciate the value of soft skills to increase their chances of employability; The students were motivated by what they saw and learnt at Amiran Kenya Limited. The experience they got will go a long way in achieving the mission of training the next generation of Agriculture leaders.

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