RUFORUM Trains 45 in Scientific Data Management


Participants who attended the Scientific Data Management Training course in Sudan

RUFORUM in collaboration with the University of Gezira organized a four–day Scientific Data Management Training course. The training was held on 23rd – 26th August 2017 at the Agricultural Research Cooperation (ARC), Wad Medani, and Sudan. The aim was to enhance the ability of university staff and postgraduate students to report their research findings in a format that would ensure their wide dissemination as peer reviewed publications and for policy formulation.

Specifically the training aimed at:

  • Equip participants with statistical knowledge in design, analysis and result interpretation of surveys/experiments applied to agricultural, socio-economics and other biophysical studies;
  • Strengthen the ability of participants to manage complex data, analyse data using statistical software and interpret results objectively;
  • Enhance participants’ skills to produce manuscripts for publication that contains sound statistical facts.

A total of 45 Staff (19 females and 26 males) attended the four–day training facilitated by two specialists, namely Dr Susan Balaba Tumwebaze of the Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation at Makerere University and Mrs Nancy Waitherero Chege a RUFORUM Alumnus and an Instructor in Research Methods from the Training Department of the Kenya Technical Trainers College. The training targeted staff from different faculties of the University of Gezira and RUFORUM -supported students[1]. The training content and approach were based on an initial needs assessment through a pre-training survey aiming to identify the needs of the participants. The mode of instruction employed little theory and more of practicals using analytical tools such as SPSS and Minitab. The participants as well as the University leadership appreciated the skills acquired through application of statistical techniques in quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Scientific Data Management training are part of RUFORUM’s Postgraduate Training and Quality Assurance portfolio to enable scientists develop, gain, maintain, and advance necessary skills in their respective areas of expertise. Click here to read more.

[1] RUFORUM is supporting 12 Sudanese students to pursue a MSc. in Natural Resources Management, plant breeding and few others at the University of Gezira.

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