RUFORUM International Advisory Panel Chair to head Zimbabwean State University Council


Prof. Rukudzo Murapa, appointed Council Chairman of Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences in Zimbabwe

The Chairperson of the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) International Advisory Panel (IAP), Prof. Rukudzo Murapa, has been appointed Council Chairman of Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences in Zimbabwe. The appointment was made by President Robert Mugabe who also doubles as Chancellor of State Universities in Zimbabwe. Prof. Murapa’s appointment runs for three years up to 27 June 2020.

Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences is a new multi-campus university established in 2016 through an act of Parliament to provide scientific solutions to economic challenges in the country. It will have separate campuses responsible for engineering; agriculture; tourism and hospitality, vegetation, and fisheries; and horticulture, irrigation and sugarcane. The Council plays a strategic oversight role in the ethical governance systems of the university.

Prof. Murapa has extensive experience in public administration, agriculture and higher education. He took over office from the founding Vice Chancellor, Professor John W. Z. Kurewa of Africa University, Zimbabwe, where he more than doubled enrolment, increased demographic diversity; and launched needs-driven academic programs. He also set up the Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance. Other former university positions include Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe as well as Associate Professor of African Political and Economic Development at Cornell University, USA. He also taught at the University of Ghana (1974) and University of Kinshasa (1976-77). He is currently Professor Extraordinaire at Stellenbosch School of Public Leadership in South Africa.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Prof. Murapa has extensive international experience, having worked for the South African Development Cooperation (SADC), the World Bank and the United Nations. Currently, he is a Director at Khulisa Management Services, one of the pioneer Monitoring & Evaluation firms in Africa. He was appointed Chairperson of the RUFORUM IAP in 2014. The IAP supports international recognition of RUFORUM and its programmes through providing oversight, mobilizing international support and providing technical and policy advice.

A Zimbabwean citizen, Prof. Murapa holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration, Comparative Politics and Economics from Northern Illinois University. He is a recipient of several professional awards including the prestigious Woodrow Wilson Senior Scholar Fellowship in (2008), two Honorary Doctorate degrees and the Presidential Medallion by Martin Methodist College (2009) in Tennessee.

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