Announcement: GCHERA World Agriculture Prize 2016


A 50.000 USD award for excellence in leadership in agricultural and life science universities

Call for nominations – Deadline 25 April, 2016

The GCHERA World Agriculture Prize aims to encourage the global development of the mission of  higher education  institutions  in  education,  research  and  innovation  in  the  agricultural  and  life  sciences by recognizing the distinguished contribution of an individual to this mission.  The Education Development Foundation of Nanjing Agricultural University generously sponsors this 50.000 USD prize  to be awarded at  a ceremony in Stellenbosch, South Africa on 20 September 2016.

The GCHERA World Agriculture Prize will be awarded to an academic/faculty member from a higher education  institution  working  in  the  disciplines  relating  to  the agricultural  and  life  sciences  in recognition the academic/faculty member’s life time achievements.

A nominee will demonstrate exceptional and significant achievement in  his  or her engagement in the mission of higher education institutions relating to agricultural and life sciences – in education, research and innovation. This impact will most likely be demonstrated in the work of the nominee in  the  development  of  the  institution(s)  in  which  the  nominee  has  served,  and  in  the  local  and wider geographical region of those institution(s), but not necessarily globally. For full details of the Terms & Conditions for submitting a nomination for the prize see

Register your intention to submit a nomination.  You will then receive a password by email to allow you to  log on to the online nomination form.  You can update your nomination form at any time until the closing date of 17.00 GMT on 25 April 2016. Click here for more information.

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