Job Opportunities at RUFORUM:Technical Assistant Planning Monitoring and Evaluation

Deadline: 25 January, 2016

Job Summary:

RUFORUM which is a regional universities’ network working in 22 African Countries and with 55 Universities, seeks to strengthen the functional capacity of its Monitoring and Evaluation Unit to meet the service demands of the Secretariat, Member Universities and stakeholders and therefore, wishes to recruit a Planning Monitoring and Evaluation and Learning Technical Assistant. The incumbent will be responsible for supporting the implementation of the Planning Monitoring and Evaluation actions of tracking outputs/outcomes/impacts of investments in Higher Education to generate and share M&E experiences that can be translated into knowledge products to influence practices, attitudes and at a higher level, policies that are supportive of increased investment in Africa’s Higher Education.

The Technical Assistant PME will work closely and be supervised by the PME Officer to ensure cross fertilization of learning among different units whilst collating information from on-going and recently concluded projects.

Major Responsibilities and Tasks

Giving support to the PME Officer and all Units involved in project M&E (Grants, Training and Quality Assurance and Partnership and Business Management units) including:-

  1. Adaptively refining project objective hierarchy and logframe matrix (activities, processes, inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts);
  2. Identifying and designing performance questions, key indicators and targets for new initiatives/ components and for each level of the objective hierarchy;
  3. Determining information needs of project management, implementing partners and primary stakeholders and funding agencies;
  4. Reviewing and consolidating existing M&E data and have these aligned to the overarching RUFORUM’s M&E system and the associated ToC to support a “RUFORUM impact story”.
  5. Through the RIMs, he/she will be required to collate relevant data from PI reports to address critical M&E reporting requirements and procedures for operational monitoring;
  6. Review monitoring reports to assess interim impacts and identify causes of potential bottlenecks in implementation;
  7. Contributing in convened M&E and learning events from time to time as required.
  8. Facilitating other units to implement their M&E plans,by regularly revising and updating performance questions, indicators, methods, formats and analytical processes.

Job requirements:

This position demands significant theoretical understanding M&E concepts and their application in a complex higher education development context. The position is further based on the concept of building a “monitoring and learning culture” within RUFORUM and its Member Universities, and for this to be effective, these skills and demands need to be built at various levels and within the Network.


Minimum of three years’ work experience in either of the above professional posts in a busy Organization.

Click here to download the full job opportunity.

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