PhD Student Opportunity in Agricultural Sciences, crop production

Deadline: 04 January, 2016
Cropping systems diversification for multiple ecosystem services and sustainable development

Future agricultural systems must ensure the ability to deliver ecosystem services and use ecological principles such as diversity, facilitation and competition in the design of sustainable and multifunctional cropping systems. Eco-functional intensification of production systems is a means of enhancing food, feed and fiber production using functional diversity of systems, ecosystem services and existing knowledge on the ecology of systems. Diversification of cropping systems at multiple temporal and/or spatial scales may enhance the use of natural resources, stimulate biodiversity and the delivery of ecosystem services. Examples of ecosystem services of importance for agriculture of relevance for CSE research are: soil formation, soil fertility, dinitrogen fixation, pest and disease control, water use efficiency and pollination. The cropping systems ecology group performs research and teaching on the effect of diversifying annual, perennial and cover crops by intercropping and rotational designs in arable systems.

The announced PhD student position will be related to ongoing research projects and the task will be to design, test and assess the sustainability of diversified crops in food systems. The PhD student will conduct a meta-analysis on a relevant question within the subject diversification of crops or cropping systems, and carry out field experiments in farmers’ fields and at the SITES Lönnstorp field experimental station. He or She will compile, evaluate and present data and results, both orally and in writing in different contexts and also have the opportunity to teach at undergraduate level. The work is conducted in a research team within the Cropping Systems Ecology Research group. Click here to download.

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