Now Open: The Oxford Patrick Duncan Scholarships

Deadline for applications: January 2016.

OxfordThe Oxford Patrick Duncan Scholarship in Sustainable Development is now open, for the first of 5 years, initially. It is for students from a SADC country (, wishing to do an MSc at Oxford’s African Studies Centre for 1 year starting in September 2016.  Note: NB candidates from other countries are not eligible.

Click here to view the scholarship Opportunities:

This initiative aims to contribute to more sustainable development in southern Africa, through helping young people to understand the political and environmental issues for which Patrick Duncan worked, and to influence public policy and practice in the region. It is designed for people who can lead a profound change in the relationship of people with the planet.

The Scholarship has been started by the Duncan family, to share the ideas our father developed in «Man and the Earth» fifty years ago. See ( for more info on him. «Man and the Earth» has been reprinted as an e-book and as a paperback: the publishers YouCaxton have made a website where reactions to the book can be found, and where it can be ordered:

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