Producing Entrepreneurs to support Value Chains – A story of a RUFORUM student at Gulu University


Akidi Irene Lynette is a graduate student at Gulu University, Uganda pursuing master’s degree in Agri-Enterprises Development and currently in her my second year of study. She shares her experiences studying under the Agri-Enterprise Development program in a RUFORUM member university, Gulu University.

During my first year a number of concepts were introduced to us, many of which we were practical such as developing a marketing plan for any small business, carrying out a value chain analysis on maize and sesame, develop Individual business plans from which we teamed up and selected a single plan; bakery using orange fleshed sweet potato. We are starting this project in two weeks’ time with the seed funding from the revolving fund and the students look forward to publishing papers from these experiences.

This course though engaging has made me what I am. It has greatly improved my writing skills through the semester/term paper system, allowed me to implement my individual business plan on peanut butter production. Through the attachment process, I have been exposed to various challenges that involve reviewing the farmer’s business plans, educating them on the importance of keeping records, having business plans and also marketing plans. The farmers too had problems in areas of village savings and loan association (VSLA) which I also offered trainings about. I would like to thank the developers of this curriculum who made it an interesting and beneficial fusion, and to RUFORUM for making it possible for us to sail through smoothly through the scholarships, to the organizations where we were placed for the enabling environment to practice and for them to learn. But also to the lecturers and fellow students for providing the technical backstopping wherever needed. I have the high hopes that I will graduate a changed person. Know more about the course by clicking here

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