Job Opportunity: Senior Scientist-Sorghum Breeding

ICRISAT is a non-profit organization that helps empower poor people in the rural drylands of Africa and Asia to overcome poverty, hunger and malnutrition, through making agriculture profitable and sustainable.  We achieve this through scientific advancements and working in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders. ICRISAT, established in 1972 is a member of the CGIAR Consortium.

About this Job


  • Lead ICRISAT sorghum improvement in West and Central Africa
  • Develop sorghum varieties, hybrid parents and hybrids with adaptation to the Sudan Savannah (800-1000 mm mean annual rainfall) of West Africa, with grain qualities acceptable for household consumption by rural households
  • Plan and conduct the program in partnership with National Programs and other major stakeholders in the Region and regularly interact with ICRISAT scientists at other locations, to accelerate genetic gain and breeding efficiency and to develop improved breeding methods and processes
  • Provide scientific leadership and creativity in designing and executing projects within the Region and across ICRISAT
  • Use the appropriate data, pedigree, and computer software to manage the breeding program, design trials and analyze results
  • Summarize and interpret the data of the experiments conducted
  • Develop a close collaboration with the public and private (where they exist) national breeding and research programs in West and Central Africa
  • Contribute to the sorghum R4D agenda and to the development of strategic partnership
  • Lead project development and resource mobilization for ICRISAT and partners involved in sorghum improvement in West and Central Africa
  • Produce scientific publications, reports, and presentations as required
  • Organize and supervise the work of research support staff
  • Contribute to enhancing capacity building of partners in the region through degree and non-degree training
  • Represent ICRISAT in different fora as appropriate and required

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